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Los Bitchos Rattle LA’s El Rey Theatre Between Coachella Gigs

This article was originally published on Respect My Region

Fresh off of a European trek with King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard, British four-piece Los Bitchos stopped by LA before their second Coachella spot this weekend. The group performed a co-headlining set with Mexican garage-surf prodigy Bratty at the El Rey Theatre on Thursday and it was … a lot.

In their own unique ways, both acts had spectators constantly switching gears to keep up with fluctuating BPMs. Bratty took the stage first and immediately made it known that she wasn’t an opening act. This became even more apparent when a large chunk of the audience left following her set, such that the crowd thinned out a little by the time Los Bitchos came on. Yet, it made perfect sense that they went on last.

Ryan Fitzgibbon, Rhythm Guitar (Credit: Karan Singh)

Los (Bitchos + Angeles) + 4/20

The four instrumentalists plus their touring rhythm guitarist took the energy of the auditorium to a whole other level, but with frequent dips. Imagine using a cup of espresso to ingest NyQuil liquicaps — that’s the essence of a Los Bitchos show, even on International Weed Day.

The band currently comprises a total of five members, each of whom bring their own trademark flavors to American audiences. Everyone in attendance would agree that lead guitarist Serra Petale is the nucleus of Los Bitchos. Her childlike approach to hacking away at her weapon with tantalizing precision is the spark that sets ablaze the flourishing rhythm section that encircles her.

Serra Petale, Lead Guitar (Credit: Karan Singh)

Josefine Jonsson on the bass guitar is a lesson in how to perfect your role. Like a lot of bassists, her contributions are imperceptible to the naked eye. You might not hear it, but you’ll certainly feel the effects on your skin as it fuses into Nic Crawshaw’s percussive diligence and Ryan Fitzgibbon’s glittery strumming. Providing this intense force with the padding to ensure there are no empty spaces is Agustina Ruiz’s work on the synthesizer; add to that her trancelike stage presence and there’s really nothing missing.

Agustina Ruiz, Synthesizer (Credit: Karan Singh)

Los Bitchos are still in the early stages of their career, yet they perform like the stars they’re destined to become. The only difference is that they’re far more accessible right now than they will be in the next few years. For that reason, we urge you to catch them live if and when you can.

On the closing afternoon of Coachella this Sunday, they will perform at the Sonora Stage from 1:55 pm–2:30 pm. They will subsequently play four more shows in the United States before heading back to Europe for a second run. Keep up or they’ll soon be out of reach!


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