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A Chat With Slug From Atmosphere

This article was originally published on Respect My Region

A lot changed in music over the past two decades, but Atmosphere’s core has remained intact through it all. The duo’s day-one fans now have kids — as does the man behind the microphone — which has granted their work a second life with a reach that now spans generations. Whereas most hip-hop artists reject growing old, Slug and Ant have worn it on their sleeves like the badge of honor it is. This has made them all the more compelling to watch and listen to even as they approach the craft in a manner that’s considered unorthodox by most.

It is because of their branding switch from Emo to Dap Rap that the pair has been far more relevant than the majority of their peers. When they release new material or take the stage, there are no gaps between how they sound, what they say and the way they conduct themselves. In other words, nothing about these guys seems phony, which is why people continue to gravitate toward them.

Atmosphere in Los Angeles | Photo Credit: Karan Singh

Last month, Atmosphere concluded their North American tour in support of their latest album, So Many Other Realities Exist Simultaneously. With HEBL and NOFUN! opening for them, the Minnesota natives passed through Los Angeles earlier this week and performed to a sold-out crowd at the Bellwether.

A few hours prior to the show, Slug sat down with Respect My Region for a brief interview to discuss everything from touring to working with MF DOOM. Check it out below:


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