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Colorful Records


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I am an Indian American journalist based in Los Angeles and I aim to explore the forces that energize human behavior and creativity. I've always felt a natural pull toward the anomalies and nuances of our social structure, which is precisely what my stories seek to magnify. 


I spent nearly three years in the publishing industry refining text to help authors convey themselves effectively, which in turn made me want to contribute my own voice to the mediasphere. Since I pivoted professions, I have written about a broad range of subjects, from politics and culture to arts and entertainment. Additionally, my degrees in journalism and English have augmented my prowess as a constructive writer and editor — thorough research skills and a firm grasp on the English language color my watchful curiosity.


Moving back and forth between India and the United States from an early age has broadened my line of sight. The multicultural perspective I offer is essential to delivering the happenings of the world to a diverse audience. I believe in the power of words, and my work will bring people closer to the personalities, traditions and disciplines that mold them.

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