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Danny Brown & JPEGMAFIA’s ‘Scaring the Hoes’ Would’ve Felt Incomplete Without a Stage Adaptation

This article was originally published on Respect My Region

The tension surrounding fervid fandom makes it no fun to be near. Every so often, though, artists cultivate a following that’s as committed as any other yet not cutthroat about proving it.

That this applies to Danny Brown and JPEGMAFIA word for word is inconceivable to those trying to make sense of the chaos from a distance. By every measure, the product screams violence; in the flesh, however, it mainly serves to foster and shelter contrarians.

Don’t judge a tour by its name, an album by its cover or artists by their appearance, because the data proves that you’re more likely to get hurt (or die trying to survive) at a Travis Scott concert.

Danny Brown | Photo Credit: Karan Singh

The menacing duo, amid the radial glory of their digital grime and countervailing disturbance, has the unique ability to spark a fraternal riot without inciting terror. This is quite the feat considering their music perfectly soundtracks arson, resisting arrest, tax evasion and a range of other crimes.

It’s really just a sanctuary for weirdos in arms rather than at each other’s throats.

Those who showed up to the Hollywood Palladium this past weekend for the victory lap of the SCARING THE HOES Tour had the privilege of being served the finest noise south of the North Pole. Aside from watching the backup band beat life into an already bruised sound system, attendees got to witness two generations of antagonists — Danny (42 and sober) and Peggy (33 and maniacal) — as well as a cameo by third-generation misfit redveil (19 and focused), all coming together to disturb the peace in a way that inspires hope.

JPEGMAFIA | Photo Credit: Karan Singh

SCARING THE HOES, the album and its ensuing trek, couldn’t have been timed better.

Brown only recently came to the realization that the key to his longevity as a professional glitch is to tone down the rockstar antics — it’s the only way to keep his spirit alive. His teammate, on the other hand, still has the juice to run around and set their audience ablaze.

Together, they’re unstoppable, which is why it would be a shame for us to let this moment pass us by as a one-run collaboration. Sure, they’ve already confirmed that another album’s in the works, but even then, their chemistry is simply too volcanic for there to be an end in sight … ever.

For customers who struggle to be blown away, the pair’s presence is necessary because they impart in their listeners a tingly sense of security; one that warns: “this might startle you, but you will not be bored.”

Formulating a thrill around said (anti)thesis isn’t to be taken lightly, and that is precisely why Danny Brown and JPEGMAFIA are still the newest thing in hip-hop despite having been around for over a decade.


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